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Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
though... until the texas rangers beat the los angeles angels in the second game of a double header yesserdayyit was hours after the o's swept the boston red sox at home... in front of a many aay of them stayed to waach it all unfold on the big screen at camden yards with the players. johnson: e wwre going to be doing this anywwy we might as well watch with them and celebraae ith themweiters: supporting us thhs ear it's a special moment to be out there thereyesterday was the hiihest something buck showalter hopes ffiday... where is when is s - still up in the air.the topp pild card team will host thh second team.ccming up next half hour... we'll talk ticket ssles for the post season.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning that bringg us o our question ttink thh o's will go in the playoffs? we'll take your calls in our 77o'clock hour. you can also go to fox-baltimore dot command tell us what you think... sound off through acebook oo send ussa tteet.. at foxbaltimore. ten years after paralyzing the convicced sniper lee boy malvo eepesses remorse in aanew interview in the washin
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
it coopletely complies ith european uuion rulee. endeavour is nnw at itt new hooeein los angeles... where it goes on displaa later this month.the shuttleeleft florida last month... on top of a customized 7-47... or a farewell tour across he two days for the shuttle to endeavour is joininn fellow 3 shuttles discovery, enterprise and atlantis aa museum ppeces. scientists thhnk they now kknw which creature... tis giant eyeballlbblongs o.take a look at this was dissooered last week by a man pn florida... after it washed immediately sent too he floridd fish and wildlife conservvtion commission for testing.results show it may squid... oo a large swordfish. comiig up... president obama and mitt romney are gearing up &ptomorrow's big the &pantssmarching natst this one 3 nats and you'ree handsson sse our "the dave matthews band"... livv in concert.your chance to wii... is less than 40 minutes're wwtching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. &p((break 3)) the debate season is ell punerway, and up next is perhaps the most interesting debates
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
are down in the nation's liie san franciico, detroit, los angeles, phoenix and san diego arr seeing foreclosures fall by doubll-diggt 3 merican airlines may - 15-hundred new flight eswoman - attendants ooer the next year. the company also plaas to hiree 25-hundred pilots ovvr the airlines has ost thousands of peployees as part of reorganization. also part of the ppan... he airline s expanding its nternaaional fliiht coverage company-wide. pccording to ""ravel-math-dott com"... president obamm is expected to fly nearly 4- campaigning around the couutty. on wednesday... thh presidenn left iowa.he heads too cleveland today. be careful what you eat, this hallowwen.the f-d-a warns that come with some unwanted side effects.thht's because it containssa sweetenerrcalled "glycyrrhizin"... that could causs a drop in potassium levels.when that hhppens... some people expprience bblod pressure, ann ccngestive heart failure.thh potassium levels usually get backkto normal whee people stop eating the black licorice. coming up... public college costss.. higher than ever.the 4 things....t
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
what's ces priving he iicreass.tonight on fox45 news at five.. 3 - live look los angeles 3p spacc shuttle endeavor about to its pprmanent home at the california science center in at the callfornia science center in xposition park 3 3 3 3 p3 395 map if you ffll asleep... the orioles won very early this mmrning... eating the yankees in 13 innings and ffrcing game p tonight. tonight.we ssoke with the players in the locker room definitely feeling the pressure. pressure.:29:50 we wanna have ffu but it is intense .... putting extra pressure on 3ourss ourselvesthe series is now tied at 2-2... if you fell asleepp.. he orioles on very early this morning... beating he yankees in 13 inningssand forciin game 5 tonight.'s aashowdown n new york to decide who oves on. megan gilliland is live from jjmmy's in feels point with fan reaction this morning. good morning guyy,headlinee like thhs... on the new york pead... "yankees swing and miss at clincher forcing game 5... ake itta little easierr to wake up this morning. 1-nothing lead on nate mclouth's home run in the fifth inning.
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
police saw he singer driiing erratically on a street in los angeles.sourcee say officers apprrached his vvhiile and detected a strong him to get out of his car.tmz is told brownnperformed a field sobriety test, but didn't do very well -- so he was arrested oo suspicion of dui. he's currently bbing aarested for dui in march and - got tteatment for lcohol abuse issuessover the summer, he also has a dui conviction on his record from 996. kris jenner was also caught receetly.. foo something serious.. but people are it.kris posted his picture of herself wearing hhr wonder wwman cossume on saturray.the 56 year old shows off an impressive figure...buu her uncovered booyyparts are getting all of the attention. her tight red-and--old odice pidn't quite over up her litle too late.'s about lee ann rimes.((vo)))after a month n a ppogram, the 30 year ld counnry singer says she iss starring over. rimes entered thh program toocope with anxiety ann stress. her trip buu it wasn't the first tiie pheegained mediaaattention for career. lee ann's new single, poming up....beautifying clea
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5